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CD 1 Luna Deva & Tombaba "Celestial Celebration" 13 songs
CD 2 Luna Deva & Tombaba "Music is My medicine" 13 songs

NEW CD in Estonian is avalable here! Released 2017 https://vaelaulud.bandcamp.com/releases

CD1 Luna Deva & Tombaba

"Celestial Celebration"

contains 13 mantras and chants

vocals Luna Deva

featuring Dustin Thomas

CD2 Tombaba & Luna Deva

"Music is my medicine"

contains 13 medicine & heartsongs in english

vocals Tombaba


Luna Deva & Tombaba “Celestial celebracion”


1. Ammataye (shanti)

2. Ammataye (beat)

3. Om shanti

4. Sitaram

5. Om jay shree Ganesh

6. Sisters

7. Lokah Samasta (Sean Johnson)

8. Pacha Mama

9. Jay Ganga Ma

10. I hear the silence (intro)

11. Humble yourself

12. Om guru deva deva

13. Shiva lullaby

14. Kali Invocation

 Tombaba & Luna Deva “Music is my medicine”


1. Earth child (Murray Kyle)

2. Step by Step

3. In the love, in the light, in the glory

4. This is our world (Emma Pickerill)

5. Silence is my mother

6. Run but do not hurry

7. Butterfly people

8. Bless the moment (Marcus Felsner)

9. To be free (Martin Sun)

10. You are so beautiful

11. Life is just a dream

12. Let me know

13. Drop of water (Jarah Tree)


dedicated to our friends in the Koh phangan councious community, the Prem Baba Sangha, Brandon bays’ Journey and everyone who supported making this CD hooandja.ee 


Recorded in 432 Hz

Recording & Mixing & Mastering Alo Jaanivald

Band: Josef Kõrvits, Polina Tšerkassova & Ian Mikael Kirss

Back vocals: Dustin Thomas, Aive Siitan

& Piret Krumm.

photos www.michaeljulienberz.com


Thank you Stanford music & Peeter Rebane