Tombaba aka Tom Valsberg


Tom is troubadoure from Estonia


Travelling around the world since 2002 Tom has trevelled more than 25 countries, studied in yoga schools in Thailand and India.


From award winning copywriter and tv-show creative director Toms life turned to sacred music and spirituality when he started practicing yoga and participating healing ceremonies with sacred plants.


Tom is also a well known musician in Estonia jazz-folk band pop-regge world music, chants, prayers from different traditions


Tom is the author well known of book

"Travelling without fear" 2011

(soon to be translated in english.)


Tom and Luna met 5 years ago and since then

it has been a path filled with music, bliss and

extraorinary beauty.

Luna Deva aka Jane Kruus


Luna graduated the most prestigious acting school of Estonia in 2013 and is now acting part time in summer preformances. For three years now she has been focused on sacred music, studing and collecting mantras, chants and prayers from all around the world.


During summertime Luna Deva manages home-decor store called Namaste in Estonia. She is also a great vegetarian cook and clothing designer. In her spare time she enjoys making magic-fairy jewelry. She says an essential aspect of blooming creativity is not being afraid to fail.